Future of Finance

The Future of Finance is a global effort to shape a trustworthy, forward-thinking financial industry that better serves society. A group of prominent global leaders, the CFA Institute and the local member CFA societies are working together to promote fairness, financial knowledge, and personal integrity in the global investment marketplace.

In addition to the focus on putting “Investors First,” future efforts will tackle other important issues such as:

  • Empowering investors to make better decisions,
  • Promoting principles for fair investment performance reporting, and
  • Developing sensible solutions for better retirement security and pension sustainability.

Investors First

Through our focus on putting Investors First, we aim to inspire the industry to ensure that an investor’s rights to information, fair and honest advice, and an accurate assessment of risk and reward is at the core of client service.

In addition to the Statement of Investors Rights, we are encouraging non-CFA charterholder professionals to adopt the same rigorous ethical code of conduct to which CFA charterholders have pledged.


The Chartered Financial Analyst charter has been referred to as the “Gold-Standard” designation in the financial industry. The CFA Institute includes more than 135,000 charterholders in 150 countries. There are 143 local-member societies in 68 countries, including the two societies here in Michigan.

We believe that lasting economic growth depends upon trust, competency and transparency in the financial markets. CFA charterholders endeavor to raise the standard of professional excellence in the industry, to champion ethical behavior, and to serve as respected sources of knowledge in the investment markets.